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Welcome to the 2009 -2010 Hockey Season

Friday, September 18, 2009

I hope everyone had a great summer and is looking forward to the upcoming hockey season. This year marks the make over from the Timberwolves to the Saints as the new identity of PAC. PAC has a strong tradition building competitive teams and developing fine young hockey players.

Our focus as coaches is to create a healthy competitive environment while developing skills and the right attitude for players to play next level. While this is an exciting time of year, it can also be stressful for both the parents and players. With that said please maintain a respectful attitude towards one another and we will answer any queries you may have regarding the selection process.

We anticipate a strong nucleus of players within the PAC system that will make for a competitive evaluation camp. There are 18 spots on the roster and they all must be earned through the evaluation process. Each Player will have equal opportunity in making the PAC Minor Midget AAA Saints and consideration for the players¦ preferred position will be acknowledged.


Dan Hart Coach
Chris Budnick Coach
Sebastian Fuhr Coach
Posted on Friday, September 18, 2009

SSAC Tournament

Friday, September 11, 2009

Midget 15AAA
September 19-27, 2009
Teams and Draw
                                SSAC AMC Bulldogs                St.AlbertFlyers                        Sherwood ParkSquires                             
                                 KC Centennials                       Leduc Landmark Homes           PAC Timberwolves
                                MLAC Elite                            CAC UnitedCycle                    Fort Saskachewan Hydro ScotfordRangers              
DATE                     ARENA                                    TIME            Timekeeper                     VISITORS                      HOME
SatSept 19               KEA                        15:30 v17:45                          St Albert Flyers                LeducLandmark Homes  
Wed Sept 23           MWA                      18:15 v 20:30                          SSACAMC Bulldogs         KC Centennials  
Wed Sept 23            MWB                       18:00 v 20:15                          PAC Timberwolves         Fort Sask Rangers
                              MWB                      20:30 v 22:45                          St Albert Flyers                CAC United Cycle
Thur Sept 24            MWA                     18:15 v 20:30                          Leduc Landmark Homes    CAC United Cycle                 
Thur Sept 24            MWB                      18:00 v 20:15                          Fort Sask Rangers              Sherwood Park Squires
                               MWB                      20:30 v 22:45                          MLAC Elite                     SSAC AMC Bulldogs
Fri Sept 25                SSA                          18:00 v 20:15                          KC Centennials                   MLAC Elite
        SSA                         20:30 v 22:45                          Sherwood Park Squires      PACTimberwolves                                
Sat Sept 26               MWB                         8:00v 10:15                           Winner Division 1          Winner Division 2                   
                                MWB                       10:30 v 12:45                          Second Division 1           Second Division 2          
                                MWB                        13:00 v 15:15                        Second Division 3                          Third Division 1
                                MWB                       15:30 v 17:45                          Winner Division 3         Winner Division 2            
                                MWB                      18:00 v 20:15                           Third Division 2           Third Division 3 
                                MWB                      20:30 v 22:45                           Winner Division 3       Winner Division 1
Sun Sept 27              MWB(M15AAA Final) 10:45 v 13:00                                   Top 2 division winners to advance from Saturday                    
CFA: Confederation Arena 11204 v 43 Avenue
SSA: Southside Arena 10525 v 72 Avenue
MWA: Millwoods Arena A 7207 v 28 Avenue
MWB: Millwoods Arena B 7207 v 28 Avenue
KMA Kinsmen Arena A 1979 v 111 Street
KMB Kinsmen Arean B 1979 111 Street
Posted on Friday, September 11, 2009

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